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Marketing research

Specifics of marketing research in Russia are dictated by the sizeable marketplace and its segmentation into multitude of regional markets, with certain areas (such as Moscow region) forming their own distinctive customer trends, significantly dissimilar to those of peripheral regions.

Traditional research methods often fail in today's dynamic environment due to long processing times. Internet research is easily manipulated, and with many companies paying respondents minuscule fees for the questionnaires they fill out, numbers of surveys with random answers is staggering. Internet surveys may seem cost-effective, however, the validity of their results is doubtful, and marketing decisions based on such findings can turn into expensive mistakes.

Companies attempting to manage their own "in-house" marketing research often overlook important aspects of methodology, such as obtaining a sufficient sampling base, designing effective procedures where outcomes cannot be influenced by the interviewer. Consequentially, companies conducting their own marketing research routinely get inaccurate results.

To become an effective and efficient tool, marketing research has to adequately reflect real trends based on true and current data.

Beeper has accumulated extensive experience in marketing research in Russia, ensuring that procedural and methodological requirements are met. Our specialists are comprehensively trained in communications and interview protocols. Marketing research in Moscow and other regions is conducted utilizing BEEPER's segmented databases or client-provided lists.

Marketing research in Russia by BEEPER:

  • Welcome calls to prospects and new customers
  • Usage, attitude, customer satisfaction surveys
  • Brand awareness studies
  • Product concept testing
  • Vote collection and analysis
  • After-sale service tracking
  • 24/7 multichannel support

Communication scripts are custom-developed to suit your company's unique needs and purposes of the research, taking into consideration the entire spectrum of socioeconomic criteria such as age, lifestyle choices, income and others. We take time to genuinely understand your business and provide complex solutions to attain desired outcomes, maintaining your company's identity, differentiation and culture.

Our profound experience in numerous industries including IT, travel, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, airports and other ones ensure comprehensive understanding of consumer expectations, behavioral models and ethical practices.

Using advanced dialling technologies, your dedicated marketing research team will be spending more time talking to customers than pressing buttons, closing more sales and contributing to your company's bottom line. Conducted in a professional, pleasant manner by our qualified professionals, survey calls are recorded for future analyses and quantification.

With BEEPER you will extend your marketing team, save time in managing your prospects and follow-up services, receive timely updates helping business management and growth.






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