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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is considered an important part of any marketing system designed to attract new and retain existing customers.

Experts agree that average costs of obtaining a new customer are significantly higher than expenses associated with retaining existing ones. That is why creating a new strategy focused on maintaining and developing relationships with your customers is essential for any business and plays a more significant role in today's market.

Along with preserving and improving rapport with regular customers reaching wider audiences remains a prerequisite for financial success: it's impossible for any business to survive over long periods of time based on income received solely from existing customers, as some customers will move away, and others may stop using your services or products. As such, attracting prospects is always on the agenda of any marketing department particularly for big and middle-sized cimpanies.

CRM calls assist in achieving both goals:

1. Attracting new customers;

2. Retaining existing customers.

In Russia customer relationship programs are maintained through a variety of methods, among which personal calls to customers (or prospective ones) have turned out to be one of the most effective marketing tools for B2C companies. Centres with trained personnel fluent in Russian allow us to create customized solutions for any business as part of their customer relationship management programs and strategies.

CRM call centres offer 24/7 service, which is ideally suited to the needs and requirements of modern web-based businesses: a customer who filled in an application online will receive a follow-up phone call in a matter of minutes, when any prospect is most prone to completing the sale. Any essential questions can be answered, and a purchase made by phone on the spot.

When utilizing outsourcing call centre services and multichannel technologies even a small or medium sized business can ensure that its customers receive fast proper responses. There is no need to employ additional personnel during the hours of low traffic: well-trained staff of a call centre can manage such requests. This allows businesses to reduce cost-per-sale indicators, whilst providing ongoing professional and excellent customer service.

After sales, utilizing CRM calls allows to discover problems before they eventuate in losing a customer, fix any inefficiencies and take proactive measures to solve all possible problems before they turn into catastrophic outcomes for the company. Thoroughly developed procedures and monitoring of the results provide basis for a factual cause-and-effect analysis of real reasons for calls, solutions implemented, any follow up services required, allowing businesses to identify problem areas and make necessary corrections in time. If there are repeated issues or difficulties, they can be addressed in a timely manner through call centre analytics.

As one of the requirements, all calls are recorded for future use. The ability to listen to recorded calls allows to keep more efficient and effective operational management. Depending on your business needs and goals, procedures and techniques can be re-designed to fit new goals and purposes, improve conversion rates and other customer service management indicators.

Engaging follow-up procedures assists in maintaining loyalty and satisfaction within the customer database through attaining timely feedback regarding the level of customer satisfaction, current and future needs and expectations, discovering sales opportunities.

CRM calls in Russia by Beeper

Specialists of Beeper call centres are thoroughly trained in sales and customer problem resolution. Unique efficient and effective procedures and reporting system  help you to control and manage your customer relationship programs and incentives efficiently, improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As a result, your company enjoys increased customer loyalty and growth of its market share based on higher sales and less costs of obtaining new customers.


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