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July 17, 2013

Training as per a new course, “Team Leader In The Contact Centre”,  for the employees was successfully completed In Ukraine, the cities of Kiev and Zhitomir.

The course was developed by the Division for the preparation and adaptation of personnel (Ukraine) and was aimed at teaching the knowledge and skills, which are necessary for effective management of a structural unit of the Contact centre, using advanced technologies. During the training the employees were given comprehensive knowledge and skills, ranging from the necessary general knowledge of the Contact centre operation to the specific management skills, goal setting, conflict management in the team. At the end of the training the team leaders were certified and awarded with personal Certificates.

The acquired knowledge will undoubtedly help them to reach new professional heights!

A bright proof of the importance of training for group leaders can be both a positive feedback from the participants, and specific performance indicators.

“Through the training course I received answers to typical and non-standard situations which arise in the course of work. I liked the fact that the acquired theoretical material was consolidated immediately in practice”.

“After attending the first lesson it became clear to me that at the end of the training cycle I will get a lot of knowledge - both about the technical side of the contact centre, as well as about dealing with the subordinates.

The course is over and I can say confidently that such trainings undoubtedly are useful for every team leader, since after the course I can better understand the motives of subordinates’ behaviour, actively deal with their objections, oppose the manipulators, i.e. unwittingly apply the acquired knowledge in practice, which in turn leads to more stable and smooth relations with the staff”.

The undoubted advantage of the training was that the classes were held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this allowed the team leaders to become better acquainted with each other, to establish warm, friendly relations”.

"After the training, I got a lot of necessary information for the team leader. Thus, for me, skills for managing, organizing, coordinating and developing the team became especially useful”.

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