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October 10, 2013

On October 3, 2013 the Group of companies BEEPER officially announced the end of works for expanding the contact center in Saransk. The job was executed together with its partner, JSC “Rostelecom”.

At the official opening ceremony of the new third office, the minister for information support, Oleg Sokolov, the President of the Federation of Trade Unions, Anatoly Soldatov, HR-director of the Group of companies BEEPER, Yana Lentach and the director of “Rostelecom's” branch, Igor Wolfson, were present. Trans-regional contact center was opened in July, 2010. Today, the contact center provides services for information and technical support for the company's clients in 12 districts of the Volga region and for the clients of the regional offices “Ural”, “Yug” (South) and “Severo-Zapad” (North-West). Estimated capacity of the contact center is supposed to be 200 thousand calls a day. Calls received by the contact center are processed on a general technological platform, where there are 420 computer-aided workstations, with a total personnel number of over 650 people.

“The project for creating a trans-regional contact center started a few years ago. Its main purpose was to increase the level of provided services for the clients. First of all the contact center provided services for 11 districts of the Volga region, today, its services are being used by the clients of the Volga region and North-Western region, clients of mobile communication companies “Ural”, “Severo-Zapad”, “Yug” and “Siberia”. Further development of the contact center required attracting professional partners. BEEPER is one of the leading companies in the market of information services in Russia. Our partner traces the calls of the clients and finds technical problems in the provision of services. Doing this, “Rostelecom” increases customer loyalty providing them with quality services”, - said Igor Wolfson, the director of the “Rostelecom” office in the Republic of Mordovia.

The HR-director, of the Group of companies BEEPER, Yana Lentach said: “Recently, “Rostelecom” and BEEPER have been developing and improving the contact centers in Russia. Apart from obvious benefits for customers (common service standards, a wider coverage of the client base), there are also other advantages. So, BEEPER exists in Saransk and citizens can get employed in this company, having good social programs”. 
At the ceremony important guests traditionally cut the ribbon, leaving a signature on one of its pieces. Then, all the participants went to see the contact center. Everyone was astonished by the size of it and wished us further successful development of business.

Today, BEEPER is one of the biggest employers in Saransk. It is a socially-important presence for a city with a very hard employemtn situation.. Representatives of the local and Federal authorities have specifically outlined that at the opening ceremony.
The issue of creating new jobs for the citizens of Saransk was a major issue at the conference with the HR-director Yana Lentach. Representatives of the local Universities and Mass Media got interested in development rates of the company and opportunities for career development.

At the dinner after the official ceremony there was a special dish: a BEEPER cake. Everyone received a piece of this sweet cake.

In the end, all the guests received corporate gifts as a memory of this important event. The whole event took place in a very positive atmosphere.

Representatives of BEEPER and JSC “Rostelecom” were content with the celebration, being a symbol of their good business relations.


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