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April 30, 2013

The role of business in current conditions must include social investments. This implies a situation, where the company, along with compliance with the law and production of quality products and services, voluntarily takes on additional responsibilities before the community. Beeper, as a company, is not an exception, because it adheres to the socially responsible business model.

For several years, BEEPER™ together with the national telecommunication operator JSC “Rostelecom” has implemented a large-scale project for the development and modernization of call centres on the territory of the Russian Federation. In addition to the obvious benefits for the consumers of telecommunication services, who receive a new level of service within the framework of unified service standards, there are other advantages. Thus, the cities, where the contact centres of the company are located, get new jobs, and their residents get an opportunity to work in a modern hi-tech company with a high level of social responsibility.

It should also be noted that the choice of cities, where the contact centres are located, is not random. Residents of the Russian mega-cities are generally in more favourable conditions as far as the search of job is concerned, while for the inhabitants of smaller towns, it’s more difficult to find something for everyone. Therefore, it was Saransk, where a contact centre was located to serve the “Rostelecom” customers throughout the Volga region, as was the case with Kurgan in the Urals and Barnaul in Siberia. With the growth of business, the number of jobs in the contact centre is continuously growing, thus, in the first quarter of 2013, the number of jobs in the Saransk contact centre increased by 25%, making BEEPER™ one of the major employers in the city.

However, the social investments of BEEPER™ apply not only to the number of jobs, but also to their quality. It’s obvious, that a company can achieve business goals with people only. It's the people, who are the main asset of any company. Therefore, BEEPER™ attaches paramount importance to the improvement of working conditions, increase in motivation, enhancement of opportunities for learning and development, as well as for the professional growth.

Dmitry Kiselyov, director of “Info-Content” , LLC(trade mark “BEEPER”) said: “For me, the main value of the company is my staff, and it's not just the words. This is the truth, which is an axiom in any organization. Therefore, we must make every effort to make every employee feel relevant. For this reason it is necessary to train them and be attentive to their wishes, to create comfortable working conditions. That is why, we pay special attention to the social aspect of the business”.

Today BEEPER™ is a team of professionals, which performs different tasks, but are striving to the same goal. It is the team unity and its commitment to achieve a common result, which are the hallmark of the corporate culture of the company, one of the components of success.

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