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October 04, 2013

The rates of telecommunications market development, competition and constant desire to improve the quality of the provided services, influence a lot the pace of work in contact centers. Sometimes providing days of psychological relief for the personnel is obligatory. These are the days when people can find some bright, fun moments in their job, laugh and get to know their colleagues and become an even better team.

These were the purposes set for the organizers and participants of the International Contact Centers Week that is held during September 10-17 by the association CCW (Contact Center World). We support this event as its general idea greatly reminds the mission of BEEPER: creating a center of communications for effective business development, uniting people into bright, courageous, successful communities.

During the International Contact Centers Week in Ukraine there was a workshop for making a team for project managers and directors of the Kiev and Zhitomir offices. The event was held in a beautiful ethnic complex “Ukrainskoye Selo”, where the participants could try living like countrymen of the century before last and feel the atmosphere of that time.

There was a symbolic aim – restoring the talisman of the village, so-called “Good luck wreath” having magic powers and capable of protecting from the evil and bringing good luck and prosperity to all the villagers. To achieve this goal the teams overcame a lot of challenges and gathered all the elements of the wreath – flowers and ribbons. Participants needed to demonstrate creative skills, learn to cooperate, efficiently use skills of their colleagues. Due to the well-coordinated process of work the participants managed to make the wreath, luck and prosperity stayed with the team!  

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