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December 02, 2013

The managing company BEEPER got a new home , situated at 50 b, Lenina street. The reason is quiet symbolic: the 8th floor of business center “Continent” has been the central office of BEEPER for almost 4 months, and as BEEPER grows it requires new professionals. That’s why we needed new comfortable offices.

As a result we had a great celebration with certain unique features. We held a contest among the departments to best decorate their offices and working places, in accordance with the corporate style. The main condition is realizing the idea and philosophy of BEEPER in all the working places. 

Among the participants of the contest were: the accounts department, marketing department, contact center managing department, Department of Education and Development of Personnel. Each room received its own unique look, its soul,  that can be seen in many interior details. Corporate green color can be seen, wherever possible: in the furniture, technical equipment, on the walls, floors and ceiling decorations. Rooms became cosy, “alive” and inspiring for new achievements. Having estimated all the works, the strict jury unanimously chose a winner and gave the first prize (coffee machine) to our colleagues from the accounts department. All the team congratulated the winners, hoping to come to their room more often – just to have a cup of coffee. The director of the company, Dmitry Igorevich Kisilyov, traditionally cut the ribbon “officially” giving life to the new home of the company. Good words, encouraging wishes and congratulations and smiles of the jury members, participants and winners show the consonance in the BEEPER team.

Dmitry Kisilyov (the director of LLC “Info-content”): “We are doing a big job, creating something new: new products, new relationships. And it is the achievement of each employee of the company. We stay together and that is what matters”.
It is not a secret that results of work depend a lot on the working place: the level of comfort and the kind of relationship the employee has with the colleagues. The new office of BEEPER is a place where it is comfortable to work, where you want to come and stay in this atmosphere of creativity, ambitiousness, effectiveness and professionalism. 

Ahead of us lay new victories and achievements, busy days, holidays, discussions and professional decisions!

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