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November 22, 2013

The final elimination tour for candidates, participating in the contest “Crystal Headset - 2013” in the nomination “Agent of the Year”, was held on November 19 and 20, at the headquarters of the Group of companies BEEPER in the city of Yekaterinburg. Among the participants were the 12 finalists, winners of the intermediate stages, who came to Yekaterinburg. We should remind you that “the best of the best” presenters of the departments in Russia and Ukraine were chosen from 46 applicants, after the jury valued their essays. Here are the names of the winners:  Irina Rebrenyuk (Kiev), Anastasiya Bugakova (Lipetsk), Irina Avdeeva (Lipetsk), Kseniya Bondar (Yekaterinburg), Ivan Sivizyanov (Kurgan), Natalya Alexandrova (Cherepovets), Yevgeny Yershov (Cherepovets), Alexander Sklyarov (Volgograd), Alexander Tikhonov (Perm), Olga Nazarova (Saransk), Valeriya Vershina (Chelyabinsk), Yelena Salienko (Tomsk).

In the first trial , where the participants were required to make a presentation about themselves, their personal traits and achievements, they demonstrated a presentation preliminarily prepared at home. The main topic was “Power of ordinary words”, but it did not give any strict recommendation for the presentation. Each contestant showed his/her personal opinion on the subject, using their creative and speaking skills. After the opening speech of the HR-director, Yana Lentach, there was a draw that defined the order in which the contestants would perform.

It is important to say that all the contestants made serious attempt at performing in front of the audience, and all the participants had their own approach: Alexander Sklyarov emphasized the visual effects, Irina Rebrenyuk – music and visual effects in the lounge style. Unusual approach was offered by Natalya Alexandrova, when she first surprised everyone with a great slideshow, making emotional comments later.  Everyone admired the presentation of Yevgeny Yershov from the city of Cherepovets, in the end he received a great ovation. We can immediately say that as per the results of the voting by the participants themselves the presentation of Yevgeny won the nomination of “audience liking”. Alexander Tikhonov improvised in his presentation and showed his skill to solve unusual difficult situations.

Further, the jury was divided to hold the next stages: assessment center and listening to the records of typical (chosen by the contestants themselves) telephone conversations with clients.
Assessment center was led by Yulia Izborg, the chief manager of the Education and Development department. The participants were offered to play the role of the head of one of the departments in the group and plan the nominal budget, trying to take into consideration all the interests of this department. As they say, “truth is born of arguments”, therefore the discussions were grave. The participants, having adapted to their roles, showed their leadership qualities, persuasion skills and skills of asserting their opinions in negotiations.

In the second stage, the members of the committee listened to participants’ recorded telephone calls. First of all, an agent shall have communication skills and good voice with ability to use it.  Such skills as confidence, clearness, diction and laconism were evaluated by the jury. Members of the jury tried to ask “tricky” questions in order to learn as much as possible about the participants, their professional and personal qualities, motivation, ambitions, desire for developing and making career progress. The jury needed to understand the participants, understand their devotion to the job, traits of character, ability to cope with agitation in stressful situations. Some of the participants were better than others, but the jury was content with the results.

The first day’s challenges finished with a pleasant evening with dinner at «Marine’s Park Hotel». The contestants had a chance to discuss the contest and their work with representatives of the managing company. They also shared their impressions about the city and had good time in the company of friends.

On November 20, the contest was over with only one stage remaining: results. In the morning all the contestants came to the headquarters of the managing company, situated at 50-b, Lenina Street. Everyone was in high spirits, contestants became friends, and that is what matters most in this event. The commercial director of BEEPER, Yelena Polumordvinova, and the HR-director Yana Lentach thanked everyone, who had come for taking such an active part in the event and for their commitment to their work. Surprisingly, the results were approximately equal, the difference was just of a few points.

The contest shall have its winners. By the results, the right to represent BEEPER on the main stage of the professional contest “Agent of the Year” was given to Ivan Sivizyanov (Kurgan) and Irina Rebrenyuk (Kiev).
Now these two winners are starting a very difficult period of preparation for this stage of the contest that will be held in Moscow. This is a new page in their lives that will give them new opportunities for professional and personal growth, as well as new horizons. They will need to be prepared for 200% and prove that the best agents work only in the BEEPER contact centers!

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