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September 13, 2013

The team of BEEPER congratulates the director of CTS Yelena Valeriyevna Pyatnikova and all the team of “Corporate Training Strategies”, on the occassion of their important day!

On September 13, the company “Corporate Training Strategies” celebrates its first landmark anniversary: 10 years of existence! Anniversaries ares always about summing up the results and planning future achievements. For these 10 years the company made a big work, having survived the economic crisis and having become even more successful and confident. The company is constantly developing with each partner, demonstrating higher and higher quality standards in the sphere of business training.

The Group of companies BEEPER has been working with CTS for a long time, constantly training their employees and directors. Quick growth of our business requires improving professional knowledge and skills. With this desire to develop, CTS is a very important helper, as it realizes its fundamental approach: “Making a system out of intuition”.

In the letter of appreciation for the Group of companies BEEPER the director of CTS Y.V. Pyatnikova wished them successful development and achievement of new goals. We really appreciate these wishes and we are sure that our cooperation will be long and productive!

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