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August 08, 2013

a team building event for agents took place from August 13 to 15 in Lipetsk. The event was organized under the following motto: “We are the team! We are one!”

According to the legend of the event, the mission of the company was lost, and the leader of the group was kidnapped by mafia led by a Big Boss. To return the missing, the participants needed to gather all the values of the company BEEPER that were hidden in secret places. The main goal was to get three Goblets that were promised to be given by the Big Boss in case the participants find all the secret places and overcome all the challenges.

The Big Boss agreed to release the leader of the group in exchange for 3 mottos reflecting the company’s values – courage, loyalty, efficiency, effectiveness and responsibility.

The participants had to solve a lot of difficult problems to achieve the goal – they had to work as a team, to use their brain and creative skills, to learn how to listen and understand their colleagues. Everyone did a great job, they were positive and determined to achieve the goal.

All the secret places were found, mottos invented, and the Big Boss and his mafia had to release the leader and give them all three Goblets – a Goblet of Loyalty, a Goblet of Courage and a Goblet of Responsibility!
The participants were very content with the event and they would gladly like to repeat it.

Tatiana, a consultant, said: “Such events are very important for the personnel, as you can try yourself in different spheres, release the tension, talk to your colleagues and spend good time outdoors. You can share your impressions and ideas, discuss different issues”.

Sergey, also a consultant, said: “All the tasks were made to unite the team, and that is important. Thank you for this day, everything was great!”

Olga, senior consultant, said: “I really liked it, I got to know our management team better, received a lot of energy and positive emotions. We are looking forward to future events!”

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