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March 03, 2014

On February 27-28, at the country complex “Belaya Loshad” (White Horse) a summit of the heads of the Group of companies BEEPER was held. All the department heads and the directors of the managing company BEEPER (Yekaterinburg) came to discuss strategies of development. To be ahead of time, we can say that this summit produced a lot of positive results. But let’s tell everything in order.

So, it was February 27, 2014. In the morning all the participants come here. There was a big program ahead: a lot of issues to be discuss, new goals for 2014 to be set, corporate trainings to be organized. Everybody met in the conference hall of the complex. It was the first day of the coaching session. Our coach, Konstantin Lushnikov, represented the famous Stanislav Grinberg coaching center. According to the set plans for two days, we had to go from general-to-specific and vice versa. The first day was devoted to personal and professional development of each participant; the second day was for team building.

First, we were presented with the strategy, of the Group of companies BEEPER, for 2014. This was the document with theoretically-predicted changes that were going to take place in the company. We were divided into small teams of 3-4 people and make were tasked with forming our questions, after which we wrote them down on big sheets of paper. This had to be our “Alpha and Omega” for the next two days. To find the solutions we would need to define our goals and methods of their achievement.

The first day was ellocated for each manager to improve their skills, efficiency and behavior patterns in order to achieve personal and corporate goals. It turned out that there were special techniques for making a person achieve his/her goals. Problems with understanding were solved with the help of a few simple questions and by defining priorities (like the method of “wheel balancing”). Problems that seemed too big and indefinite needed to be organized according to the level of importance. Going to the part of improving our skills, we studied situations of pushing responsibilities down, finding out true reasons of employees’ behavior and the methods of proper motivation of the team.

The second day was devoted to improving skills for working in a team. There were a few teams; each of which had its own strategy (do you remember “alpha and omega”). Konstantin suggested a few simple and effective schemes for successful team work.  This way, every question received a distinct answer that was composed not of different individual opinions, but of a single opinion of the whole team. Often the results were programs for joint actions in order to develop the company. The main thing was that each participant saw that result as his/her own and was ready to start real actions.

According to Dmitry Kisilyov, the director of the Group of companies BEEPER: "Couching is an excellent method for the classification of different tasks from all the departments and employees of the Company".

The summit of BEEPER managers did not take place for the first time. For us this event was a chance to develop a single strategy for the company’s development. BEEPER is a large company being one of the leading companies in the market of outsourcing contact centers. We have over 5000 employees and offices of different departments in many cities. That is why it was important for us to organize such “strategic” events, where we developed a single strategy for the company’s growth. Without a doubt, this couching session was very successful. Personal development is very important, and what is even more important is corporate development. Due to these trainings, our colleagues managed to develop a strategy for the next year, without imposed directions. Now they know what actions they will undertake to achieve necessary results.

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