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April 02, 2014

Businesses in many developed countries have been successfully using outsourcing services, for additional functions. According to IAOP “State of the Industry Survey 2013”, more than 60% of the interviewed heads of companies, in different fields, have been practicing outsourcing for more than 7 years. There is also a tendency of transferring, to outsourcing, more complex functions, carried out with the help of complicated technical models and solutions.  

Modern Russian market of outsourcing contact centre services is in its growing stage. As a rule, “the outsourcer” gets service functions, which can be carried out by a professional more effectively and efficiently with lower costs (in contrast with continuous maintenance of required number of staff). It’s a different case with large-scale and unique projects, where both client and implementer are large federal companies. In this case, outsourcing is more like a strategic partnership, than a typical partial transfer of functions to a professional company. Nowadays, there are only few such projects in Russia.  

On 18-19 March, in Moscow, during the specialized session “Outsourcing”, held under the auspices of "XIII Contact Centres' International Forum", the summing-up of implementation of the joint project of "Rostelecom" and BEEPER, took place. The key objective of the project was the renovation of the system of remote customer service. Irina Karelina, the vice director of BEEPER, and Natalya Schetnikova, the head of contact-centres management at customer service department in “Rostelecom”, shared with us the experience of implementing this unique project.

Natalya Schetnikova: One of the key strategic goals of JSC “Rostelecom” is providing an outstanding customer service, based on strict corporate standards and requirements. In order to achieve this goal, modernization of the system of remote customer service was carried out.

Irina Karelina:  One of the project requirements was to provide non-stop customer service 24/7/365 – all alterations had to remain invisible with the same level of customer service. In order to understand the scope and complexity of the project, I’ll give you some figures:

Natalya Schetnikova: We undertook massive preparatory works, like: choosing target cities together, planning joint investments, developing the system of key indexes, defining functions of services and departments and planning the implementation of key information systems (unified knowledge database and CRM). “Rostelecom”  formed the resource base (personnel and equipment for work places), developed and implemented key business processes. There were large-scale works of construction and transfer of 52 contact centres to 8 platforms, mass recruitment and personnel training.
We achieved a  flexible, manageable structure with formalized operational processes. At the moment the system is successfully operating, providing the growth of customer service quality indicators. And satisfied customers are the key result of our partnership with BEEPER

Irina Karelina: I confirm, that we achieved the results, that we’d planned together with “Rostelecom. The unified centralized system with effective operational management was created, transparency of customer service costs and full control for contact centre expenses were provided, unified standards and indicators of customer service in “Rostelecom” were implemented. The experience of our cooperation demonstrates the high level of reliability and efficiency when achieving mutual goals.

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*The photos of Andrey Pavlov are used in the presentation http://www.pavlovants.com/

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