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BEEPER Launched a Distributed Contact Center

March 11, 2014

The Group of Companies BEEPER (LLC “Info-content”) has announced the launch of a distributed  contact center. The technological solution, being a multisite configuration, is a result of a successful cooperation of BEEPER and CTI. The project is already the fifth one successfully fulfilled since 2011, that can be safely called a revolutionary one.

The infrastructure, created on the basis of Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise complex, enabled us to optimize the solution of tasks, related to processing huge number of referrings to the geographically distributed operator sites.

The solution includes the system of screen/conversation recording, and also the system of management, which allows to estimate the quality in remote mode, post assessment for operators online, assign trainings, as well as the trainings during the operator independent work during the hours of lowest work load.

Within the project framework, the possibility to form virtual queue was fulfilled. This provides the distribution of calls between several sites, increasing the efficiency of operators' work and obtaining integrated statistics simultaneously. As IVR-subsystem, the solution based on Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal was used.
The solution of a distributed contact center, developed by CTI company, is a powerful fail-safe system. Key advantages of this system are stability, non-stop operation, possibility to distribute the load. In case of a problem on one of the sites, the operation will be continued. The main equipment – the core of the system – is located in the safe Data Processing Center (Tier3). Conceptually new contact center allows us to, both, receive and process the incoming voice referrings and to carry out the outgoing ring round of clients as well. A wide range of additional equipment and software provides the possibility to plan further development towards wider usage of self-service, interaction with clients via new, gaining popularity, channels, such as processing e-mails, video chats, communication in social networks.

According to the director of LLC “Info-content” IT department, Sergey Makarov, the fulfilled project, is a new level of technical solutions in the service market of outsourcing contact centers. “We are grateful to CTI company for the high-quality work done in time", noted Sergey Makarov, continuing: "The contact center, built by the joint efforts of CTI and BEEPER specialists, is a reliable tool of business process optimization, that is important for providing the high quality of company services, while maintaining their market value”.

“In this project the usage of the unified  medium of calculations, Cisco UCS,  as a platform  for virtual contact center, enabled us to fulfill the project in short time, reducing the time of applications and services development", says Arnold Kern, the head of corporate systems group at CTI. The platform, Cisco UCS, unites the servers, which provide access to networks and data storage systems, into an integrated convergent system, improving the indexes of economic effectiveness and efficacy thanks to the increase of productivity, the decrease of power consumption and the improvement of monitoring and management”.

“BEEPER distributed contact center is based on the most innovative solutions of our company", says Viktor Puchkin, the Cisco customer manager, adding: "We are sure, that using Cisco technologies will let BEEPER develop and expand the range of the services, optimizing resources and time expenditures. Customer loyalty and satisfaction with the contact center services, and also the speed of launching new services, are the most vital factors of business development in the modern competitive environment”.

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