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May 16, 2013

Online shopping as a type of electronic commerce is becoming more popular and competition in this segment is growing steadily. That is why the main task of any online store is to attract and retain customers and, as a result, increase sales of goods and services.

Dmitry Kiselev, Director of “Info-Content” (trademark BEEPER): “When accessing the services of an outsourcing contact centre, the probability of converting an ordinary shopper into a buyer increases manyfold. BEEPER™ has vast sales experience. our operators work 7 days a week and provide detailed information about the products, methods of payment and delivery and if necessary help to place an order. We take upon ourselves all organizational and technical issues associated with the receiving and processing of calls: develop schemes of interaction between the contact centre and the Internet-store, select a staff of appropriate level of proficiency, train operators, accept and process customer requests, prepare the necessary reports for the Partner. The result is predictable – a several times increase in sales.”

Provision of services to the customer of online stores, with the help of an outsourcing contact centre, is a solution which allows to boost salesas per several factors:

1. The possibility of fast  scaling of operators/jobs involved in the project;
2. Professional management of the service loads, the optimal use of resources;
3. Organization of support in the 24X7X365 mode in a multi-channel interaction format: VOICE, SMS, E-MAIL, WEB;
4. The use of modern technologies in the contact-centre market: technology platform, technology of automatic service, applied software (CRM);

Depending on the goals set by the Partner BEEPER™ Group offers the following services for online stores:

- receiving and processing of orders;
- hotline;
- marketing research;
- telesales;
- informing in the automatic mode (IVR, SMS, e-mail-informing)
- a virtual secretary and others.

The service, which operates on the basis of BEEPER™’s outsourcing contact centre, provides a symbiosis of technical equipment, giving a possibility to work with a large number of simultaneous calls, and operators trained for providing support on behalf of the Partner.

The operator acts within the scenario prescribed by the Partner or specially designed and agreed upon with the Partner. The operator responds to the client's request, providing the client with the necessary information, as well as records and transmits information about the customer to the Partner.

The operator training system allows us to work with companies of any specificity. All special and unique, for the company, issues are stipulated in the scenario on which an operator acts, and the operator’s task is competent conversation with the client, giving the client the required information and building a positive image of the company.

It is important to note the fact that online business is truly effective, only when competently structured. A scheme, where the presentation of a product or service on the Internet, taking orders, receipt and delivery of goods are carried out by the same division is not efficient. It does not allow to reduce costs, that is important for an online business in order to have an advantage over the offline competitor. More and more online shops are operating in accordance with the scheme of division of labour. Presentation on the Internet is the competence of one division, others are engaged in taking orders, dealing with suppliers is the responsibility of still other divisions and so on. With such a company structure the contact centre is the division responsible for the comprehensive support of the Partner's customers - from advice to the receipt of goods/services.

Thus, we can safely say that outsourcing contact centre services are necessary and advantageous to provide feedforward and feedback for the companies engaged in the Online business. Business of contact centres by its philosophy is similar to the Internet business, since it is built on the technologies of information exchange, but complements it with getting closer to the client.

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