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November 04, 2012

The main partner in the establishment of the Call-centre was BEEPER™. The new call-centre is able to process more than 200,000 calls per day. About a thousand of operators and employees of the centre will serve nearly 20 million residents of Siberia.

The company's customers will be able to quickly and at no extra cost receive reference services (commonly known services “09”, “080”, “350-050”, etc.), information about how to connect and pay for services, about the balance of the personal account, as well as information about promotions , special offers and tariff plans.

For the efficient operation of the enterprise we use the latest hardware-and-software complex, which allows us to provide an optimum customer call distribution, keep service statistics and carry out integration with all software systems required by the operator in the processing of customer requests.

To improve the efficiency of work in the Unified Contact Centre, we use a specialized information portal, as well as in partnership with AT-Consulting we introduced a unique federal CRM-system, which will allow us to reduce response time, keep a record of customer requests and identify system problems in providing services, thereby “Rostelecom” plans to increase customer loyalty by providing them a high level service.

“I would like, on behalf of the residents of the Altai region to express my gratitude to the management team of “Rostelecom” for the timely, high-tech, breakthrough step in the development of the telecommunication environment in the country in general and Siberia in particular. Today we cannot speak of a modern economic space, proper social well-being of citizens and of the solution of the full range of problems of personality development without creating a single information space, and the Unified Contact Centre is a demonstration of all these elements,” said Alexander Karlin, the Governor of the Altai region at the opening ceremony of the Centre.

“Rostelecom” is an innovative, yet customer-oriented company. We strive to make people's lives more comfortable, easy and rich by providing a full range of communication services in an easy, comprehensible and accessible form. The opening of the Unified Contact Centre puts us on par with the most advanced technology companies. This is an important step towards improving the level of service provided to our customers. The choice of Barnaul is not random - it is one of the major cultural, political, and technological centres of Siberia. Establishment of the Unified Contact Centre will allow residents of the region to receive most of the “Rostelecom” services and manage them remotely: by a phone call from the comfort of their homes,” commented Maxim Kudryavtsev, Vice President - Director of the macro-regional branch “Siberia” of “Rostelecom”.

Link to the source: http://www.amic.ru/news/196298/


В Барнауле открылся Единый Контактный центр Сибири
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