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December 25, 2013

The first job leading to career development.

On December 20, a new contact center, of the BEEPER Group of companies, was opened in Volgograd. It is an important event for out city, as the company employs young people. For many people this job becomes the first working experience.

BEEPER created jobs all over Russia and Ukraine. The contact centers are situated in many cities: from Zhitomir and Kiev to Barnaul. The first office in Volgograd has been efficiently operating for a long time, and now they have a second office, organized on a brand new level. It is a big modern office with comfortable working places. Being a journalist of “Rabota.ru” I was really interested in being present at this significant event.

Even those who are not familiar with the activity of contact centers are impressed by the new office of BEEPER: open-space equipped with working places; a lot of agents answering phone calls. You can immediately notice that people are performing clear, tried and tested actions.

In every city we create new jobs, offering employees competitive and convenient working conditions, - tells Dmitry Kisilyov, the director of LLC “Info-content” (trademark BEEPER). – According to the marketing agency, RBC.research, BEEPER holds the first place among all the contact centers of Russia according to the number of agent work stations. Here we have over 2500 work stations. I also want to mark that BEEPER is a responsible employer: the level of salary makes our vacancies very attractive for young people, starting their career. We pay all the taxes and remunerations according to the existing legislations of the Russian Federation.

"Besides, work here, is convenient and promising: separate work stations are equipped with everything necessary, people can have lunch at our canteen and take a rest", continues telling us the company director, Dmitry Igorevich:."The company is actively training its personnel, organizing training courses. Agents can choose a schedule that takes into account opportunities of working and studying, and other factors. Opening vacancies, especially for managing positions are often offered to our colleagues. I can assure you that work in BEEPER provides a lot of opportunities for professional and personal development, becoming a good specialist and a good person".

In fact, the contact center has already been opened and has been oeprational for some time. The official opening ceremony was more formal, marking the official start of work. Among the guests, at this event, were the heads of the regional ministries and municipal authorities, Universities and colleges, partners of the company and journalists. In their speeches they said good words about the event and the importance of organizing new jobs, and wished success to BEEPER.

All the guests saw the company's presentation movie, before the cutting of the green ribbon (green is the corporate color of BEEPER). On that day green was everywhere: in the uniform of the personnel, in the room decorations. Even the cake was made in this style, with green icing.

I asked Dmitry Igorevich the main question after the official ceremony.
- Dmitry Igorevich, seeing the size of the new contact center, I can suggest that many young citizens of Volgograd can get employment at the company?
- Yes, you are right. We will gladly employ active motivated people willing to start their career as an agent. I would suggest contacting us by our telephone in Volgograd: 97-91-11, or to come to us: 92, Lenina street. You can read information about the company on our website: www.beeper.ru. We will be glad to see you in our contact center!

See the original article here: http://volgograd.rabota.ru/vesti/news/novye_rabochie_mesta_dlja_molodezhi_volgograda_.html

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