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December 12, 2013

A new contact center of BEEPER opened in Volgograd.

On December 20, a new modern contact center of the Group of companies BEEPER officially opened at 92, Lenina street. This is the second office of the company in our city. The management staff calls it a very important part of leadership in the market of outsourcing contact centers of Russia. This event signifies another big advantage for Volgograd: creation of over 700 high-tech jobs.

Contact centers of LLC “Info-content” (trademark BEEPER) were among the first companies performing a very challenging job – information and reference service for different customers. According to specialists, it is the leading sphere of customer service. At the official opening ceremony the head of the IT department of the mayor’s office in Volgograd, Yelena Sirotenko, said: “The front line is working with those, who have claims, and working in these conditions requires special skills”. BEEPER provides the following services: providing information support, client support, telephone sales, marketing research, client base analysis, direct marketing. Outsourcing clients’ contact centers is one of the fastest developing spheres.

According to estimates, annual growth of this sphere is 20%, and BEEPER grows by 30%. According to the research, the company holds more than 12% of the share of the Russian market of contact centers.

Among partners of BEEPER there are over a hundred of the largest Russian and transnational companies of different sectors: telecommunication companies, banks, insurance companies, retail and wholesale companies (including online stores), airports and others.

According to Dmitry Kisilyov, the director of LLC “Info-content”, company’s structure allows fulfilling all the big projects, not attaching them to the location:

- In fact, it does not matter, where we need to provide our services. We can have a client from Moscow and work with him from Volgograd. The most important factor is the quality of our services.
The leadership of the company is the result of 14-years of work aimed at inventing custom programs for each client. Using the most modern technologies and software, BEEPER sets a goal of achieving the best possible results at lower costs.
The quality of provided services was already appreciated by the partners, who had already had experience with their call centers. Since 2009, BEEPER is a strategic partner of JSC “Rostelecom”. According to specialists, large companies make a priority of technical maintenance and network services.

«Services need to be provided professionally and we succeed in it", says Dmitry Kisilyov, continuing: "What is important for clients is that our services cost them 10-15% less than in case they had their own call centers. It is achieved by the process of the organizing the agents' work, as they do not have idle times. Also, it is done by minimizing expenses and building up professional management. 
The decision of opening a new contact center in Volgograd was conditioned by a big number of potential employees, a lot of colleges and Universities. For business this factor means constant demand for employment with the company for young people, students and graduates. 

The HR-director of LLC “Info-content” Yana Lentach said that to start a career in BEEPER it is enough to be ready to work and to know computers. Besides, the contact center offers convenient flexible work schedules, which are convenient for those, who study. “We offer good motivation system, apart from a fixed salary there are bonuses for quality work and quantity of processed calls. This way, by improving your results, you can control your own profits”, says Ms. Lentach.

By the way, the average employee turnover is less than 7%. Due to the new office opening, BEEPER is employing new operators in Volgograd.

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