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September 19, 2013

The world industry of call centers has been existing for a few decades. The experience of many companies shows that using in-house and outsourcing call centers allows staying in touch with customers. In Russia this sphere is represented by a group of companies working under the name of BEEPER, one of the leading outsourcing companies of the country.

BEEPER has 13 contact centers in Russia and Ukraine. It uses modern effective methods of reference and information services, telephone sales and marketing communications. According to our data, the services of the company are more popular in such spheres as telecommunications, retail and finances. The contact center also has contracts with other enterprises: medical centers, tourist and insurance companies, car dealers – all the companies that have a big client base.  “Attracting outsourcing contact center lowers the costs that a Partner bears for providing services to clients and makes the process of communication with customers more efficient”, said Dmitry Kisilyov, the director of LLC “Info-content” (trademark BEEPER).

Dmitry Igorevich, what factors let us speak of BEEPER as of the leading company in this market?

– As I see it, there are two main factors: experience received by participation in different projects, and the volume of company’s resources. According to RBC.research, BEEPER takes the first place as per the number of working places for agents and today it is one of the leading employers among the contact centers of Russia. As for the profits, BEEPER occupies over 12% of the market. At a very short notice the group of companies took the fourth place according to the profits among other outsourcing contact centers of Russia. And the leader has just 3% more.

This means that BEEPER is a company of the Federal level? And how big is it?

– The head office is situated in Yekaterinburg, two more offices in Moscow and Kiev. In Russia there are 11 contact centers and 2 more centers in Ukraine, in Kiev and Zhitomir. The Group of companies was created in 2011 as a result of the consolidation of two call center businesses of Russia and Ukraine. This is a young enterprise with clear and ambitious goals, with a serious resource base and team of professionals.

What advantages does using an outsourcing contact center give to a client?

– The size of the business allows us to offer custom approach to every client. Due to competitive cost price, we offer flexible price policy. Due to the usage of the best hardware and software systems, custom development of the software according to the client’s requirements and clear internal processes, we offer the required level of quality. Very often our Partners need to build up the system of communication with customers. Using the competence of BEEPER we provide consultant services in the sphere of re-organizing distance services and help them adopt effective processes for providing services to customers.

Does a Partner receive all the resources for providing services to customers and developing a client base without additional costs?

– Yes, you are right. It uses the resources of the contact center, its intellectual competence and technical possibilities, according to the requirements of the project. They do not need to buy or maintain equipment, employ and train people, spend money for supporting a call center. This way they have a ready-made solution, where BEEPER takes all the responsibility using its professional system of quality control.

Quality depends a lot on the personnel of the contact center. Is your personnel interested in providing quality services to Partners?

– Personnel is the strategic resource of our business, we are interested in its effective management. We developed and adopted special methods of training and developing the human resources, of evaluating and improving the level of proficiency, a motivation system.  Agents are interested in providing quality services to clients. We also use programs that help in supporting our people, we teach them how to react to stressful situations. We have a unique corporate culture that includes guidance and is supposed to lead to career development. Usually, high personnel turnover is related to an overload; here it does not exceed 6%. It means that here people are ready to work efficiently.

Can you tell us about one of the partners with whom you have recently signed a contract?

- Yes, sure. One of our recent achievements is concluding a contract with EMS Russian Post, a branch of the Federal Unitary Enterprise “Russian Post”.  We proved our compliance with their high requirements and won this tender.
We are already ready to begin providing services to the clients of EMS Russian Post, and that is very important for this season of business activity, when the volume of letters and parcels increases, this is especially important in the period of Christmas and New Year holidays, when we need to treat clients of the largest post operator with specific care. We are ready to do this and soon we will start processing the calls from EMS Russian Post’s customers.

What makes your Partners sure in success of this cooperation?

– Success is based on three main points: trained personnel, innovative technologies, clear internal procedures. We are open to cooperation and ready to use our experience and competences for developing our partners' businesses. BEEPER is quickly developing, accomplishing its mission:  we are creating a center of communications for effective business development, uniting people into a bright, courageous, successful community.

Published on September 18, 2013 in comnews.ru/node/76871

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