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December 23, 2013

On December 20, a new contact center of BEEPER was opened in Volgograd. According to the research of the marketing agency RBC.research, analytic department of RIA “RosBusinessConsulting”, the company takes a leading position in the quantity of jobs for agents, about 2500 workstations. A new office is made for almost 400 agents, working simultaneously. In total there will be over 700 working positions.

Citizens, especially young people, know brand name BEEPER. For many young people (students and graduates) work of an operator is a good start for their career. The company has a clear motivation system and programs for personnel improvement that involve employment, professional training and tests, guidance, career planning. Special attention is given to the corporate culture and increasing the participation of the personnel in the company’s life.

Dmitry Kisilyov, the director of LLC “Info-Content” (trademark BEEPER) told us about the new office and the advantages it offers.

Dmitry Igorevich, tell us about the new contact center in Volgograd: "Our new communication center is one of the biggest offices of the company. Coverig a total area of 2200 square meters, it offers working places for the personnel, training rooms, relaxation rooms and a coffee room. We created all the necessary conditions for people to feel comfortable while working, receiving new knowledge, developing and communicating. Technological side and infrastructure flexibility allow us to fulfill the most complicated projects, like providing information support to clients of such big companies as “Rostelecom” and “EMS Russian Post”, a branch of the Federal Unitary Enterprise “Russian Post”.

How is the work with the personnel organized?

- We think that our people, our colleagues are the main resource of the company. We are proud of our HR-department and our management system at all the stages – from employing new people to the training and career development. In total, in all the offices of BEEPER, there are over 4000 employees. The company is developing and building new offices: apart from this new office in Volgograd we have 11 contact centers in Russia and 2 centers in Ukraine. To keep up this pace of growth the company has a clear scheme of working with its personnel, aiming at keeping the number of employees and improving their professional skills: employing new people, keeping good specialists, motivation systems, developing the potential of each worker. Moreover, we involve our people in the process of creating corporate culture. In November operators of the contact centers in Russia and Ukraine took part in the contest for creating a motto. In every office we chose and awarded winners. The next stage will be an online voting, as a result of which, there will emerge one winner among all the offices of the Group of companies BEEPER.

How do you select people for working at BEEPER?

- Selecting right people for working in the company is a very important thing. Our departments make marketing research of the labor market in a particular region, including the level of salaries. They use different channels for informing the target audience, including traditional Mass Media, Internet websites and social network services. We work with Universities and colleges, with employment centers. We organize training for students in the contact centers of BEEPER. We organize open days, where people can see how the company is structured, talk to experienced operators and directors of our offices.

Let’s imagine we have a young girl or a guy, who has just graduated from the University and now is searching for a job, probably, the first job. How can you attract them to BEEPER?

- Today, Russian companies search for professional workers with experience. Sometimes the situation gets grotesque, as according to a vacancy of some company a person should have received higher education in 13-14. What we do is employing young active people. Of course, they don’t have such a big experience as older people, but they want to work and they have energy to work and make achievements, reaching new goals. We are also employing students, who can work and study at the same time, as the company is ready to offer them flexible work schedule. 

So, you are teaching people to be good agents “right in the process”?

- Exactly. A person coming to the company is tested and trained. After the initial training, there is the system of guidance. We use it as a method for learning necessary skills and competences, according to an individual plan. A young agent will never face difficult situations alone; they always have their guide, who can help them, nearby.

What is the motivation system in the company?

- If we are taling about the financial part, there are a few factors: achieving planned figures and time of work. They influence the salary. Briefly speaking, we give a chance to gain profit. There is also a non-financial motivation system: a comfortable working place, corporate culture, a lot of events, contests, celebrations and outdoor activities.
Recently, we had a selection tour for the contest “Crystal headset”. Representatives of every office came to Yekaterinburg, met the head team of the company, and two winners went to Moscow to participate in the final tour of the contest and the award ceremony. We believe our colleagues will make a great performance; their chances to win are very high!
Besides, we are constantly organizing professional and personal trainings, where our people receive necessary knowledge, skills and traits that are useful for the real life: learning to make a communication with partners, coping with stress and efficiently solving difficult situations.

Dmitry Igorevich, what are the opportunities for career development in the company?

- Being a big Federal company, we are interested in the development of every person, we want our people to set goals and achieve them. We have a lot of real opportunities for career development. We have a constant cycle: agents become senior agents, then supervisors. When we have a new vacancy in the company, we invite people working in BEEPER. The company appreciates creativity and ability to offer new ideas. Our colleagues know that we will hear their ideas and realize the most successful of them. A person who showed the best results and interest in company’s development can be invited to work in the head office of the company.

Dmitry Igorevich, we have just few days left before the New Year’s eve. Will the company celebrate the holiday?

- Yes, of course. Our contact centers have prepared video fragments with congratulations for their colleagues in Russia and Ukraine. Of course, the managing company will also take part and send its congratulations to all the team of BEEPER. While I have this chance, I also want to congratulate the readers of the newspaper “Work and study: effective technologies”, to wish them great holidays and to start the next year with work at BEEPER!

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